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Nest and blockage removal

Whether you light fires or not, blockages in chimneys can still cause serious damage to your home's infrastructure and even cause damp problems by blocking the airflow throughout your home. 

About the service

The usual culprit for blockages are birds, they take shelter and build nests in the chimney flue. However, not only is it dangerous for you, but it is also dangerous for any birds residing there. Birds may become stuck and unable to get out themselves or their dry nests may spark a flame and cause a chimney fire. 


Nests need to be removed by a professional chimney cleaning service, in order to ensure the safe handling of the birds and reduce any further complications. At Black Stack Chimney Sweep, we carry out excellent blockage removal services, at times we have removed over multiple black bags full of feathers, twigs, rubbish and other debris.


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