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Chimney Cleaning

Open fires, stoves and other appliances cleaned/swept

Open fires and stoves need their chimney’s regularly swept in order to avoid health complications and chimney damage. A chimney's purpose is to safely remove byproducts caused by open fires and stoves, but over time these byproducts of soot and creosote cling to the chimney's flue.

About the service

At Black Stack Chimney Sweeping, we use Traditional and Power Sweeping methods in order to best clear the chimney's interior. As a professional chimney sweeping service, we will also recommend how often your chimney should be swept.Which really depends on the type fuel being burned, as general rule of thumb, we suggest:


  • Wood: once per season when in use

  • Bituminous coal: Twice per year

  • Oil: Once per year

  • Gas: Once per year

  • Smokeless coals: at least once per year


Regular sweeping visits also ensure issues like nests or blockages are caught early and dealt with before they cause serious damage. 


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