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Black Stack Chimney Sweep delivers a professional, clean and reliable chimney sweeping service to Lisburn and surrounding areas. We have been in business since 2014 and provide our customers with a great service at affordable prices. 


We take care of all of your chimney needs, from removing nests to giving them a clean sweep through, we are experts in maintaining your chimney flue (the inside of a chimney). Traditional and Power Sweeping methods are used in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


Our customers trust our expertise and are always satisfied with the work undertaken, most customers are also repeat clients who avail of the service on a regular basis. For a professional and trusted chimney sweeping service, get in touch with us today at Black Stack Chimney Sweep.

Why should I get my chimney swept? 

Chimney’s need to be kept clear in order to avoid increasing health risks. A chimney in a terrible state poses risks to your home's infrastructure and may even cause death. For your own safety and peace of mind, ensure your chimney is regularly inspected and maintained.  


Carbon monoxide poisoning 


The purpose of a chimney is to maintain a fire and act as a way to get dangerous byproducts like creosote out of your home’s living spaces. Without sweeping, soot and creosote will build up over time when the fire is lit. This causes blockages in the chimney and prevents poisonous gases from escaping, which leads to a significant increase in possible carbon monoxide poisoning. 


Chimney fires


The risk of an uncontrollable chimney fire also increases with poorly maintained chimneys. Soot and creosote are both extremely flammable substances, the more build up of these byproducts, the worse the chimney fire may be. Chimney fires pose a great risk to health and may cause costly repairs for the damage. 


Damaged infrastructure


Even if you don't use your fire, maintaining the chimney is still very important. Birds create nests in your chimney's flue and over time wreak havoc on the chimneys infrastructure. Avoid damage and falling debris from your chimney by having a local and professional chimney sweeping service inspect your chimney. 

Chimney sweep company Lisburn

Black Stack Chimney Sweep is proud to service its local community in Lisburn and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of sweeping services to chimneys in need. For trusted and excellent chimney sweeping services, contact Black Stack Chimney Sweep today.

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